Author Topic: 01 Vara Strange Idle Questions  (Read 700 times)

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01 Vara Strange Idle Questions
« on: November 26, 2019, 18:43:23 »
Gents - Me again,

I've had a great time working on my bike and have managed to get pretty much everything mechanical sorted EXCEPT, strange idle, which I'm more interested in finding out if this is the norm or should I continue hunting,

Lets start with whats been done to the bike and what I've done,

Bike Mod(s) - Baffle-less exhaust (previous owner stupidity)

Mods I've Made:
- Pilot size increased from 42 to 45 to account for the open exhaust - Was backfiring on overrun badly with standard and Plugs were white
- Pair Valves blanked off - 3mm ALU plate blanking them off
- Replaced airfilter with standard filter

Bike spec's which could impact the outcome:
- Carb TPS set to 630 Ohms
- Cam timing on both cylinders done and confirmed
- Vac leaks checked with QuickStart
- Carb were cleaned and serviced
- Stock main jets
- Fresh Plugs, Oil, Fuel filter
- Fuel pump confirmed working fine
- Carbs balanced (home Manometer (2 stroke oil in pipe up against board))

Here's the Youtube vid which you can clearly see its running a little rough,

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,

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Re: 01 Vara Strange Idle Questions
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2019, 16:22:25 »
You could try changing feul (if you havent done so already) from regular to Premium (min 98+ octane). And add f.e. Forte or KENT Feulguard. What kind of sparkplugs are you using? The FI injection models need iridium ones, but they have done a good job on my previous carb feuled SD01 too.

Please keep us posted.
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