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So, time for some more informations about the VIM21 locations!

As announced, the meeting will be held in the town of Frederiksværk in Denmark.

Frederiksværk is a town in the northern of Zealand (Sjælland), the biggest island in Denmark.,9.6686959,7.31z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x465212d5015f592f:0xaae237facdb0787!8m2!3d55.971805!4d12.0189679

The town got it´s name from the danish king Frederik V, whose grandfarther, Frederik IV, had ordered a channel with a lock digged from the lake Arresø to the inlet Roskilde Fjord, around 2,5 km long. The reason why the channel was build, was because of floods in the area, as the creek that kept the water level in the lake, had been blocked by sand.

The channel was ready in 1719 and the king ordered some industries to be build along the channel, to exploit the water flow. Several things was tried, both under Frederik V and under his son Christian VI, but none of them with much succes. But nevertheless a town had started to grow around the channel. In 1756, the son of Christian VI, Frederik V (yes, I know it´s a mess with the numbers ;D), ordered a gunpowder mill build by the channel. At the same time the town was named "Frederiksværk"; "Frederik" after the king, and "værk" (work), after the industry.

Shotly after, a cannon foundry was build nearby, to support the danish army. The cannon foundry produced between 2500 and 2600 cannons until it was closed in 1833, but the gunpowder mill continued production until 1964. Today the gunpowder mill is converted to a museum and the cannon foundry buildings are restored and is today functioning as a culture house.

During WW2 a steel plant, "The Danish Steel Rolling Mill" was build in Frederiksværk, at the coast of Roskilde Fjord, using water from the channel as coolingwater. The primary plan was to deliver steel to the danish ship building industry, but during the war, a lot of the steel was delivered to every other kind of industries in the country. The mill expanded several times, and for many years it was the biggest industry in the area. But in 2002 it went bankrupt, later to be taken over by a russian company, changing the name to Dan Steel A/S.

The main channel runs directly past the location where we will stay, and you can rent a canoe at the place and explore the channel. Either up into the town, or out to Roskilde Fjord, or both.

Or you can have a walk along the channel to the Fjord, where there´s a marina (1,5 km); on the way you have a view to the steel industry on the other side of the channel. The gunpowder museum, which is located at a sidechannel, is around 650 m from our location, and a bit shorter to the cannon foundry buildings. There´s 500 m to the main street with shops and stores (and probably a bar or two ;D), and the church. And if you follow the channel through the town, you can continue at a path along the channel through the forest and to the lake Arresø, but that´s around two km of walk (and the same to get back again ;)).

The area around Frederiksværk, Arresø and northern Zealand offers a lot of attractions and nice places too, but we´ll look at that later on ;).

And don´t forget to write your name in this topic, and we´ll put you on the "list of interested" ;)

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Re: Looking forward to VIM21? Some knowledge about Frederiksværk.
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