Author Topic: Front and rear brakes drag  (Read 631 times)

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Front and rear brakes drag
« on: October 27, 2018, 14:15:35 »
Hello all, Im very very new in your forum. I checked a couple of topics and I am quite sure that I will find an answer here to my problem.

A couple of months before, I made a very bad decision to buy a used Varadero XL1000 - Model 2003. I say "bad" because the specific bike, not Varadero in general, was in a bad condition. Anyway, besides the service that I had to do on the bike, the mechanic told me that I have to change all of the three brake discs and pads, because they are just at their end. Note here that during this stage the bike performs well, as well as the brake system. So I ordered three discs and three EBC sintered pads. I took them to him, he placed them on the bike and here the problems started. He told me that the front discs I purchased are thicker than they should be. I checked it with the manufacturer but also checked the service manual, brake discs of Varadero 2003 have to be 4.5mm thick for the front and 5mm for the rear. The particular discs were 5mm in front and 5mm rear. In any case the front wheel was not turning smoothly as it should be. He told me to ride it for a couple of days in order to see if the pads will retreat enough to free the brake disc. I left his place and while I was riding back home, I ended up having by rear brake overheated and not working at all because the rear brake was dragging the disc. I called the mechanic, he told me that the discs are too thick and the only solution if I want to keep those discs is to scratch the pads down using a glasspaper or whatever, in order to free the disc. I did it, but the problem was still there. Note here that the whole new rear disc is already warped. The stainless steel colour became reddish.

And again, I called the mechanic, he suggested me to change ALL the seals (300 EUR the price he gave) and the problem might solved.

So, here I need your help. What would you suggest me to do? Do you think of something different? Should I start from somewhere else? Should I do change the discs?

PS. The machanic stripped all calipers and cleaned them as he told me.

Thank you in advance  :)


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Re: Front and rear brakes drag
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2018, 17:26:23 »
The 4.5mm front and 5mm rear you talk about , are you sure that is not the  minimum . If you bought EBC pads and discs for your specific bike they should be ok. Your problem could be sticking slider pins or pistons within the calipers. If the previous pads and discs were done the pistons will have been well pushed out exposing them to the elements and if the bike has been standing (stood) for a while that will not help, they could be corroded. Also check the fluid has not been overfilled, if it has it will stop the pistons retracting hence cause the pads to bind. The unfortunate thing could be your discs could now be warped depending on how hot they got and for how long. Hope this helps.


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Re: Front and rear brakes drag
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2018, 21:41:35 »
If the pistons wer also just pushed back without being cleaned first, the dirt on them would be rammed into the seal recesses and this would also cause the pistons to seize.
4.5mm front is the minium.