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Re: AT Tires
« Reply #225 on: September 12, 2019, 16:31:00 »
I have been riding a full week with the Bridgestone A41 and really they are great, much more stable on braking can't say if shorter brake distance though.
I'm already at the end side of the tires on both sides, without even trying hard, so it's testament to these tires ability to give you confidence while leaning, on the TA2s a 1cm strip was left that I could never attack. Still never felt the tire letting go anytime, I rode under wet roads and nothing special to report, it hasn't rained enough to really know.
I wouldn't say they are a lot better than my TA2s, but definitely less efforts to lean while still not leaning too fast, I find them to be just right.

But on the first days I would feel my tires slide on sewer plaques, which disappointed me until I checked the tires pressure and honestly I don't know what happened at my dealership... front was at 2.5 bar and rear was at 2.7bar, for solo road riding so WTF !!!?
Put it down to 2.1/2.5 and no more sliding, I'm just wondering now, if I'll scare myself scrapping the pegs  har_scratch.
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Re: AT Tires
« Reply #226 on: September 12, 2019, 16:46:04 »

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