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Photo Link
« on: May 21, 2013, 21:24:05 »
I've sorted, rotated etc the pictures I was given on Saturday and Sunday and uploaded them onto dropbox.

You can browse and download the pictures here

If you want to download the pictures in bulk you will need to sign up to dropbox (it's free   ).

If you are going to sign up to dropbox please send me an email to xxadmin@vim15.comxx (remove the xx's ) and I will send you a referral which will increase the time an keep the files stored.  Dropbox will ask if you want to install their software on your PC. It's a good way of keeping important files safe but you don't need it to access the files.

Once you have joined send me another email with your dropbox name and I'll add you to the share list for the VIM15 folder.