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That could be a possibility, Rainer. If I can find out how to do that...  ;)

But the links should tell were things are, some of them are already Google Maps links, as you see, and
the websites have adresses and Google Maps links somewhere, you just have to click around a bit.

And again, if you have any questions, also about specific locations, don't hesitate to ask :)
If there shall be no guided tours as Bonne has written,
perhaps it´s helpful to put all the given proposals - thx Bonne for these - on a map (google) as a waypoint with few words (1-4) of explanation/description.
So everyone can plan a tour of whatever he wants to see/join at Saturday or Sunday.

Greetings from the South of Gerany
Rainer aka meine dicke
اذا رأيت طويلا عاقلا فاسجد له = If you see long and wise, worship him

Tnx. On your knees.  ;D ;D ;D
I'm sure its covered Gilles. Are you already registered?  ;)
No, no guided tours, as we are just Stubager and me to arrange the meeting.

But at the latest VIM's, Andorra and Sweden, there was no guided tours either, and I didn't see that as a problem.

I was alone for French Orga and there was some ...
Andorra was special if you remember and tracks for tours were proposed.  VCIF_salut
As you might have figured out, we'll not plan any kind of common rides, we don't have the resources to do that.
No, no guided tours, as we are just Stubager and me to arrange the meeting.

But at the latest VIM's, Andorra and Sweden, there was no guided tours either, and I didn't see that as a problem. I think people
were very good planning their own tours and trips, either alone or coordinating with others, think that will work in Denmark too.

At the same time this gives everyone their freedom to choose where to go and what to see.

Of cause I'll be helpful with info and guidelines if anyone has questions or wishes about places to go and things to see.
will there be guided tours during VIM?
Mechanical / Re: Suspension
« Last post by Djairouks on March 17, 2019, 23:40:15 »
Everywhere I look it says front travel is 230mm, while my AT was on the center stand I lifted the front to put masking tape
on the fender, so I can measure the movement of the tube. But upon putting my ruller against the Wheel axel part, I only
measured 215mm until the tape not 230, so if it bottoms the effective travel is 215, so 30 %SAG would be 64.5mm not 69.

It seems to me more lolgical to measure this effective travel and adjust SAG accordingly what do you think !?
As written in my previous posting about things to see, there's a lot of attractions and nice places.​around in northern Zealand.

As mentioned before, right "behind" Frederiksværk is the lake Arresø, with the channel which runs through the town and into Roskilde Fjord (inlet).
At lake Arresø there's a tour boat named "Frederikke": 

West of Frederiksværk, at the coast of Roskilde Fjord, there's a nice small marina named Lynæs. From here you have a nice view at the inlet, and there's a couple of cafe's too:,11.8924466,11.84z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x465273aa47750e45:0xa7081e3b56055120!8m2!3d55.9429201!4d11.8653792

North of Lynæs is Hundested, a small town best known for the ferry to Rørvig and the house of Knud Rasmussen; a famous dane who spend the years between 1902 and 1933 (where he died), exploring and mapping Greenland through several expeditions. In 1917 he build a house in the dunes north of Hundested, where he planned his expeditions, wrote his books and met with friends, writers and colleges. The house is now a museum for his life and work. Close to his house Spodsbjerg Lighthouse is located.,11.847797,14.27z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4652736b300557dd:0x16e135f617d1cbcb!8m2!3d55.9648759!4d11.8448818,11.847797,14.27z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46527338ce23a69f:0x661e83f17b5ea238!8m2!3d55.9748518!4d11.8543339

At the port of Hundested, there's a nice atmosphere with some café's and restaurants, and... a brewery 🍺. Besides brewing some awful good beer, Halsnæs Brewery has a restaurant too, with both indoor and outdoor serving... ideal for a lunch stop on a trip... or just a beer break ;).

Going east from Hundested along the north coast of Zealand, there are several "villages/towns" of holiday cottages originated from small villages; Liseleje, Tisvildeleje, Rågeleje, Smidstrup and Gilleleje. All along the coast there's some of the most wonderful beaches in Denmark with the finest sand as far as your eye goes. Besides the beaches Gilleleje is the biggest fishing port on Zealand, with fishing boats, port life, cafe's, restaurants and shops with all kind of fish specialties.,12.0821198,10.66z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46523d52ad27285d:0xddb88c863b869adb!8m2!3d56.1273157!4d12.3086572

The castles in northern Zealand: "Kronborg" in Helsingør, "Fredensborg Palace" in Fredensborg and "Frederiksborg Castle" in Hillerød. You can find info about them here:

In the area that I've discriped now, the northest of north Zealand, at Whitsun, there are two veteran meetings (one is originated from the other ;D). One in the town of Græsted, south of Gilleleje, and the other one at Grønnessegaard, a big farm between Frederiksværk and Lynæs.

Around 20 km south of Frederiksværk, the town of Frederikssund is located.,12.0075187,10.91z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4652691def8411bb:0x910678ccb4081e65!8m2!3d55.8355677!4d12.0656946

Frederikssund is best known for its Annual Viking Play and the museum of J.F. Willumsen, who was a danish artist within painting, sculptors, ceramics, photographs and architecture.

The Annual Viking Play runs from June 21. to July 14., but, to show the life of the Vikings, the Annual Viking Play has build a small Viking village south of Frederikssund, where you can see how their houses were build and how the Vikings lived. The village is free to visit all year.

Speaking about the Vikings, further south, at the bottom of Roskilde Fjord, Roskilde is located.,11.8497663,9.85z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46525fc5b8e58db5:0xf72c594ea4617856!8m2!3d55.6391728!4d12.0888957

Back in time, Roskilde was a very important town in Denmark and back to the Vikings it was an important port of trading. The Cathedral of Roskilde was build in the 12th and 13th century, before that, there was a wooden church. The Cathedral is the home for royale funerals, and 21 kings and 19 queens are burried here. The Cathedral tells an important story of Denmark through 800 years.

For many years fishermen had told stories about a restriction in the inlet, which should have been made by the Vikings; some boats should have been sunk in the inlet, to control who came through to Roskilde. There was done some investigations and in 1962 five vikingships was excavated from the inlet. "The Skuldelev Ships", as they were named, had been filled with stones until they sank, so they were not in the best conditions, but they are now displayed at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, where there's a lot of story told about the Vikings too. The biggest of the five ships, "Skuldelev 2",  build mainly in oak, had originally been 29,6 m. long, 3,8 m. wide, weighed 10 t., and with a carriage of 15 t. It had a crew of 60 - 70 people and a draught of just 1 m. The ship turned out to be build in Dublin around 1042.

In the late 1990s the port of Roskilde was rebuild to give space for an expansion of the museum, with workshops and exhibitions.  From 2000 - 2004 the workshops build a copy of Skuldelev 2, named "Sea Stallion", which can be seen in the channel around the workshop area. In 2007 the ship sailed to Dublin to be exhibited until 2008, where it sailed back to Roskilde. Since that it has been on several "raids" around in the danish waters.
During the rebuild of the port, nine ships were found, one of them even longer than Skuldelev 2, with its 36 m.!

24 km west from Roskilde, on the other side of the Munkholm Bridge, the Munkholm Kiosk is located (grill- and icecreambar). In the summer, this is a meeting place for motorcyclists. When the weather in good, there's always some motorcyclists out there, some starting their days ride there, and some ending it. Others just come for a chat and a cup of coffee. The grillbar is widely known for its "Roasted Pork Burger", but they also serve ordinary burgers, sausages, pommes frites, fish & chips, beer, soft drinks, coffee and icecream. The location is fabulous in good weather, with the inlet on both sides of the road and the forrest in the back.,11.6668754,10.12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46527cd7ee023063:0xc809cb6e6775dc4!8m2!3d55.6813379!4d11.8033558

Interesting roads in north Zealand...? Yeah, just take the small roads, there's a lot of them, whereever it's in north Zealand, around and south of Roskilde, between the inlets (Roskilde- and Isefjord), or west of the inlets (and go back to Frederiksværk via the ferry Rørvig-Hund​e​sted).

And then there's of cause Copenhagen, with all the attractions it offers. There's around 60 km by road, but another possibility is by train, as it can be difficult to find somewhere to park in Copenhagen. From our site, there's 8 min. of walk to the train station, where there's a local train to Hillerød, from where the "real" train goes to Copenhagen.

As you might have figured out, we'll not plan any kind of common rides, we don't have the resources to do that. So like the last couple of VIM's, you can plan your own trips, alone, or together with other participants. And, with the informations you've been given now, both according Frederiksværk, north Zealand and the inlets, it should be possible. If you're having any questions about places or any wishes on things you'd like to see, you're welcome to ask.

And don't forget, Sunday, March 31st will be the last chance to book/pay for participation in the 21st VIM in Frederiksværk, Denmark!
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