Author Topic: how to post picture(s) in my post  (Read 1408 times)

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how to post picture(s) in my post
« on: June 10, 2023, 22:31:05 »
to complete the Stewart one here

as said, you've now an option under the message window " add a picture in the message"

if you click on the link you have this window: just drag your picture in the window , or choose to find the picture on your computer ;)

you have now the "small" image below; you have to repeat if you have a few pictures

now I show you the way to post larger images, and viewers have not to click on each picture to see them
- you go on the preview button down/left to the message window
- in the preview window, click on your picture
and you have this postimage window

you choose share on the upper menu; then the second line "direct line" copy it and insert in your message between tags (the joconda image)

result: you have the picture in full size   VCIF_salut

hope it can help

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Re: how to post picture(s) in my post
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2023, 17:06:29 »
This is an explanation of what *I* did to post with full size.

I used linux and vim (the editor)

I did a previous work with the images so that I uploaded a not too big version of them, in png format. This part can be skipped.

-------Preparing images (ImageMagick's convert used).

I started by putting all images I meant to post in one folder. I wanted to reduce them to a 30% of its original size so that the uploaded files needn't be reduced. Also, I like better the png format.

So I created a file where every line contained one name, in the order I meant them to appear. In my case, it was as simple as

ls *.jpg > lesImatges

then I edited this file with vim (if other editor is used, this is done differently, of course)

vim lesImatges

:%s/$/\=printf('%04d', line('.'))/
:%s/jpg0/jpg /
:%s/^/convert -resize 30% /

the goal is to go from a contents of


convert mypicsuch1.jpg -resize 30% 001.png
convert mypicsuch2.jpg -resize 30% 002.png


chmod +x lesImatges

and the result is a bunch of .png files ready to be uploaded

-------------Posting images

 Please notice that in all below it should be img instead of i mg, that I changed in this post for the sake of reading

I uploaded the images as described the button and I ended with something similar to this (this is actually part of Bruno's post, and these IMG-XXXX.jpg are the ones he uploaded)

[i mg][/i mg]

[i mg][/i mg]

[i mg][/i mg]

then I copy all this with the mouse and put it in a file named, say, aRebre

edit aRebre and make it be something like this

wget -O -> totLoFato
wget -O ->> totLoFato
wget -O ->> totLoFato

(I used the following vim commands)
:%s/h/wget h/
:%s/$/ -O ->> totLoFato/
(and removed one of the > from the first line)


chmod +x aRebre


cat totLoFato | grep og:image > llistaB

and edit llistaB, it is something like this

<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

and then

:%s%<meta property="og:image" content="%\[i mg\]%
:%s%" />%\[/i mg\]%

converts llistaB in a file whose contents is like

[i mg][/i mg]
[i mg][/i mg]
[i mg][/i mg]

Then it is this contents the one that must be posted instead of the original suggestion by the server.

Of course, text can be now inserted where wished.




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